Scooter gas motor will not fix my bike

Charlestown, Massachusetts 2 comments
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we bought the bike on line from scooter gas moter in CA arrive to us and assemble together just minor stuff, put gas in it and change oil from package oil.and now it won't start, can't call them can't get hold of anybody only email sale rep name jason, won't help to get it fix refuse supervisor name saying he is, refuse to paid for the service, even though they are suppose to give 100% customer statifaction gaurantee we are not even getting that also.

my bike still in the garage. do not get anything with them. you cannot get a hold of anybody or talk to anybody but voice mail but never return your call. i ask jason by email are you going to fix the bike, jason said you are going to have to paid for it.

i said but it brand new not even two days old, this was going on for a week and half on email got no where. Hi, sorry we don't take returns on vehicles but the web site said return policy. no comment on that. he lie to me about that.

i repeat do not buy anything from service no satifaciton no call no help.

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I want to order a dirt bike and cant get ahold of any one.period.

No returned calls when i call the number on the web site and no answers from my emails either.Guess they don't want to sell a bike.


Hi Mate, I have bought 2 trikes from that sales person Jason and I did not have any issues with him.He gave my family a great deal and helped every time I called or emailed him.

Sorry, but I do not know what you are talking about.

Have a good day.

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